Norton Grove Stud is a family run business that has been operating for over 40 years, led by Richard with his wife Maggie and employing three generations of the Lingwood family along with a number of dedicated and reliable staff

Richard and the family have been operating the stud since 1995.

On average Richard foals 60 plus mares a season with the help of his family and dedicated staff. The Stud’s record for most foals in a season is an impressive 89

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Maggie has worked at Norton Grove Stud for over 40 years and is the Stud Secretary. Maggie is also involved with the hands on day to day work with the horses. Her knowledge of all matters equine is widely respected throughout the racing and racehorse breeding community in Ryedale.


Richard Lingwood

Maggie Lingwood

Much of the day to day work at the stud and handling of mares and foals is carried out by our excellent team of grooms who have countless years of experience working with the residents at the yard.



Tina is the daughter of Richard and Maggie, she has many duties on the yard including,  the office work, foaling , social media, and the day to day running of the yard. She loves being outside spending time with the young stock. Among her favourite horses the stud has had are Monsieur Bond , Soie D’Leau, Velvet Jaguar and her ownbred Ey Up Its Mick  who she bred under Maggie’s name



Ian has been working with us for over 20 years he loves horse racing and follows all our offspring his favourite horse was homebred Soie D’Leau. His main jobs are looking after the stallions, feeding all the hay, holding mares for covering and looking after the yard cats.



Jessica is the first of Richard and Maggie’s Granddaughters she again has many duties on the yard including the breaking in of youngsters vet work, Sales and office work she fits all this around looking after her two children Penny and George and her own horses Sky Niseem and Rubis and going racing to watch Ey Up Its Maggie



Tim Tina’s husband is one of our support staff and gets up to help foal throughout the season



Laura is the second Grandchild she helps with the day to day running of the yard and make sure everyone gets paid. She also fits this around her two daughters Ellie and Tilly and her horse Sheoak.



Will is Laura’s husband and is a major part of keeping the yard ticking over, he feeds the morning feed with Maggie and sets up the yard for the day, he does most of the tractor driving and maintenance, He also sees to the day today care off the youngstock and enjoys following then all on the racecourse



Chloe has been with us since she left school and helps with the day to day running of the stud mucking out looking after mares and foals and brushing yearlings etc.



Mandy is Chloe’s mum she has worked in horses a lot of years and is part of the day to day running like Chloe but also looks after the stallions 



Fran has joined us this year she studied at Askham Bryan and has her own Mare Mimi. She is part of the team mucking out and brushing yearlings etc.



Jenna is studying at York and helps us out on her days off she enjoys looking after the horses and is often found on the back off the feed tractor feeding the outside horses 


We are lucky to have a number of Equine practices close to us and we have regular visits from Brian Reed and Phoebe O’Sullivan from Rainbow Equine 


Gemma Dransfield from Minster Equine and ERS vets


We have three blacksmiths which visit us. 


Guy is our longest working blacksmith and does the majority of our broodmares and some of the stallions

Liam who is the grandson of our first ever trainer does are yearling and some of the stallions.


Sam is our specialist Blacksmith who puts on extensions and corrects problems